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by Kevin Coupe

Multiple press reports say that police in Paragould, Arkansas, last weekend had to deal with a somewhat unlikely event - someone dumped a pile of some 40 snakes in a Walmart parking lot there.

Authorities were, to say the least concerned ... at least until they found out that there was an officer in their midst who actually was a kind of "snake whisperer," and who knew that the snakes were of the garden, non-venomous variety.

These same authorities remain unamused. Noting that nobody was hurt and no suspects have been identified, police said no charges would be filed - but that it better not happen again.

"It is not cute. It is going to get somebody hurt," one officer said.

But I think they're missing the point here - which is that someone wanted to hear Walmart CEO Doug McMillon say on camera, "Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf***ing snakes in my motherf***ing parking lot," in his best Samuel L. Jackson growl.

Now, that would be an Eye-Opener. It might even scare the hell out of Jeff Bezos.
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