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• MNB does not usually report much about executive salaries - feeling, in general, that people ought to be able to make as much as they can as long as a) they deliver value for their wages, b) they are being evaluated on the right things, and c) women in the company are being made as much as men for the same jobs. MNB also has a bias in favor of companies where senior executives understand that good salaries and benefits ought to be extended as much to people on the front lines as those in the executive suite.

That said...salaries at Walmart are much in the news today, and worthy of a mention here.

Reuters reports that Walmart CEO Doug McMillon "received a 13 percent increase in total compensation to $22.4 million in the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, according to a regulatory filing on Thursday, as sales growth at the world's largest retailer remained robust." The compensation is in the form of cash and stock.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that US e-commerce chief Marc Lore got a total payout of $243.9 million, which "included restricted stock worth $236.3 million, which came as part of the buyout of his company,, according to a regulatory filing Thursday. Most of those shares will vest monthly through September 2021 starting later this year. He also received about $7.55 million in salary, stock awards and perks."

Greg Foran, president and CEO of Walmart US, got a slight raise, to $11.55 million from $11.54 million a year ago.
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