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Consumer Reports is out with a new survey saying that "the vast majority - 86 percent - of consumers who often or always buy organic food say it’s highly important that animals used to produce these foods are raised on farms with high standards for animal welfare. The survey found that 83 percent of these consumers think it’s highly important that organic eggs come from hens that were able to go outdoors, and have enough space to move around freely."

Consumer Reports notes that the "survey was released at the same time that agribusiness interests are pressuring the U.S. Department of Agriculture to abandon its rules requiring organic producers to abide by strong animal welfare standards. The rules were set to go into effect in March but have been delayed.  Consumer Reports urged the USDA to enact the new rules without further delay."
KC's View:
I'm not surprised by this, just as I won't be surprised if the USDA relaxes animal welfare standards. If agribusiness wants it, they're likely to get it ... though I think that this may have only a short-term impact on their businesses while demonstrating to a growing consumer group that agribusiness doesn't care about their priorities ... which could have long-term implications about which business will be less enthralled.