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AdWeek has a story about how Home Depot works to be among the country's best-perceived retail brands.

Home Depot, the story says, "is focusing on a blended strategy, appealing to both construction professionals and the average consumer, while upping its e-commerce and in-store customer service game ... For Home Depot, professional contractors make up just 3 percent of its customers, but generate 40 percent of its revenue. The key to the retailer’s success is helping professionals do their jobs efficiently and cost effectively while educating amateur home remodelers and tinkerers to help them build confidence ... the retailer heavily focuses on the in-store experience and service, prepping its associates for the massive amounts of questions customers might have."

I would be a little careful about holding Home Depot up as a paradigm of customer service ... I've spent way too much time wandering those aisles looking for someone to whom I can ask a question. But, they're better than they used to be ... I just think on the customer service question, for someone like me, they tend to over-promise and under-deliver.
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