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• The Charlotte Observer writes that a new study from the NPD Group says that "more than 40 percent of primary grocery shoppers are men, and 60 percent of them – those in the millennial and Gen Z group between the ages of 18-44 – have bought their groceries online."

According to the story, "That’s in part because young adults nationwide – who are also more likely do use the Internet for other types of shopping – are delaying marriage and the formation of families, NPD Group said. The group also said men tend to make grocery shopping 'a mission,' and they spend less time in brick-and-mortar grocery stores compared with women. They also buy fewer products in stores and will leave if they can’t find something, the group said."

One other note from NPD Group: "About 31 million households have Amazon Prime, and approximately 52 percent of them buy their groceries online."

Business Insider reports that "eBay has announced that it's launching a 'Guaranteed Delivery' program, which will provide delivery within three days or less for 20 million items and ship millions of them for free ... The improved delivery service will be key to sustaining the company’s growth after a strong year spurred by several initiatives."

Free and fast shipping, the story notes, "has become ubiquitous in e-commerce, and it is extremely difficult to compete without offering this perk to customers."
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