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• Raley's said yesterday that its eponymous stores and Nob Hill Stores unit are expanding "their eCart program to many of their Bay Area stores. The enhanced system improves upon the current online order and curbside pickup solutions across all existing eCommerce-enabled locations ... eCart allows shoppers in 95 stores to order groceries online and pick up curbside at a local Raley’s, Bel Air Market or Nob Hill Foods ... The program features an enhanced user interface that allows customers to move seamlessly between a mobile device and a desktop computer."

The company defines eCart as "a natural extension of Raley's commitment to world class customer service: shoppers have the ability to specify produce preferences which are hand selected by a Raley's e-commerce personal shopper. They also can save: the first three orders for all customers are free and the shopper fee is waived for any orders of $150 or more. Payment is conveniently accepted at a customer's car or online."
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