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by Kevin Coupe

Think of it as diversity served with a side of carbonation.

Coca-Cola is out with a new commercial that is part of its "Taste the Feeling" campaign, offering a look at unique family dynamics circa 2017. Entitled "Pool Boy," the ad portrays a brother and sister, each of whom is fixated on the rippling abs of the fellow working on their pool. Each wants to bring the guy a cold Coke ... but neither is quick enough.

It isn't just the willingness to use diversity as not just a fact of life, but also the narrative backbone of the commercial, that I find impressive. It also is the fact that this commercial could be shown pretty much anywhere - there is no dialogue, and the story is entirely visual.

I'm sure there will be someone out there who will propose boycotting Coca-Cola because the company is seen as normalizing something that someone sees as anything but. I think Coke deserves a lot of credit for seeing the world the way it is, and working with it.

The commercial, I think, is an Eye-Opener. Enjoy.

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