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• The Idaho Statesman reports on the passing of Robert Bolinder, the CEO of Albertsons in the mid-1970s under founder and then-Chairman Joe Albertson, who passed away this week at age 85.

Bob Miller, current chairman and CEO of Albertsons, described Bolinder as "a real gentleman" and the "backbone of the company."

The Statesman writes that Bolinder began working for Albertsons in 1965, and "became president of the fast-growing company in 1972 and CEO in 1974." He retired from Albertsons in 1984.

In retirement, the story says, "he launched a grocery-industry consulting firm with his son-in-law, Bob Walker. He also served on corporate boards and presided over the Western Association of Food Chains. Four years after leaving Albertsons, Bolinder became chief financial officer of another grocery chain well-known in Idaho — Smith’s Food and Drug Centers — and helped expand it, taking it public on the New York Stock Exchange. He retired from Smith’s in 1996.
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