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The Wall Street Journal reports that Tyson Foods is moving ahead with its plans "to eliminate antibiotics used on poultry in its flagship chicken products."

According to the story, "Executives expect the move, which will end use of antibiotics on the chickens used to make Tyson-branded breasts, wings and nuggets, will vault the company to the top of the rapidly expanding 'no antibiotics ever' market. Those products can sell for 20% more than conventional versions, though they tend to cost more to make."

The Journal frames the decision this way:

"Tyson’s move is a victory for consumer-health groups and others who have pressured meat companies, animal drugmakers and lawmakers for years to reduce the use of antibiotics on farms. For decades the drugs have been fed to cattle, hogs and chickens via medicated feed and water to treat illnesses, prevent outbreaks and help them gain weight more quickly.

"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration called on the industry to cease using antibiotics for weight-gain purposes by the end of 2016, but consumer campaigns have called on food companies to go further, prompting chains like McDonald’s Corp. , Chick-fil-A Inc. and Subway to announce plans to reduce antibiotic use in their meat supplies."
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