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Rarely has someone been banned from a coffee shop and gotten so much attention.

But that's what happened recently when a 37-year-old man was banned from a Spokane, Washington, Starbucks when he hit on a 16-year-old female barista there. According to various news stories, the man engaged in conversation with the barista while she was making his coffee, and then slipped her a note in which he asked her out on a date.

The next day, when he returned to the Starbucks, there was a local policeman there who told him that he was no longer welcome to patronize the store; management had gone to the police after determining that the note was inappropriate.

Now, the man has gone on Facebook to complain of ageism in his treatment.

"“I know the female Starbucks barista was of legal age to date," he wrote. "I broke no laws. I merely took a chance with my heart. I’m tired of hearing the word ‘creep’ as any black person or gay person is tired of hearing certain words. I have a whole webpage dedicated to age gap love."

A Starbucks spokesperson says that the company approves of how local management handled the situation.
KC's View:
Count me among the many, many people who have absolutely no interest in reading this creep's webpage about age gap love.

Sixteen may be "legal," but it also means she could've been a high school sophomore - and she ought to be able to work a part-time job without some creep who is more than two decades older hitting on her.

He's lucky it wasn't my daughter. Because my inclination would've been to deal with him myself the next day. (I have a baseball bat that I keep around the house for just such purposes.)

He doesn't want to be called a creep? Then he should stop acting like one.