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Shake Shack apparently has found that the test of a mobile ordering and payment system has been so successful that it is rolling it out to more markets.

According to Fortune, "The company first began testing the app in October at just one location in Midtown Manhattan. Now, Shack fans across the nation — including those in multiple New York City boroughs, New Jersey, Washington DC, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis — can use the app to order and pay for their food with a credit or debit card. They’ll get a text when it’s ready, and can then swoop in to pick it up from a designated pickup point — no waiting in line necessary."

The story notes that "Shake Shack joins the roster of fast food chains to hop on the digital bandwagon. Chipotle, Starbucks and Taco Bell have all begun mobile ordering services. McDonald’s is also reportedly preparing to roll out mobile ordering services."
KC's View:

It so happens that we're getting a new Shake Shack about a half-mile from my house; it is slated to open just after the first of the year. I can only hope that the mobile app is being utilized there, because it would make my life a lot easier.

I am very excited.