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The Wall Street Journal this morning reports on how Walmart CEO Doug McMillon is taking the retailer's image issues very personally - so personally that he has appeared in the chain's commercials.

According to the story, "More CEOs are raising their public profiles, speaking out on issues and appearing in ad campaigns, but it remains an unusual move for the world’s largest retailer. In what is believed to be a first, Wal-Mart cast a CEO in a commercial that aired on social media and television for about three months through the end of September. The ad, starring Mr. McMillon, touts the company’s commitment to employees, not the latest deals."

The Journal notes that McMillon is a good messenger for Walmart, since he started working for the company in one of its warehouses in 1984, and worked his way up the ladder to the CEO job. McMillon also has been active in social media in presenting the company's message.
KC's View:
I think it is an effective commercial, which, by the way, you can see here. Not sure it will make non-Walmart shoppers make a beeline to one of its stores, but I think it makes one of the points it needs to make as Walmart looks to chain its stores' image while simultaneously improving how it battles against Amazon.