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The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that Cash & Cary Smart Foodservice in Seattle, described as a "wholesale food distributor and food service warehouse that specializes in large quantities of food, such as 50-pound bags of flour, whole slabs of beef and cases of drinks and snacks," is getting into business with Instacart, giving the grocery delivery service one more retail option for its local roster.

According to the story, "Delivery will open up the option of ordering office snacks in bulk and having them delivered to an office building ... Or if a group is hosting a graduating party or a family gathering, large quantities of food can now be delivered to their door. Not only that, but it gives Cash & Carry's current customers, mostly small independent restaurants, the delivery option the store has never before had."

Other Seattle retailers serviced by Instacart include Whole Foods, Costco, Central Co-op, PCC, Petco, Safeway, and QFC, all of which are positioning their Instacart connection as making them more competitive with Amazon and Amazon Fresh.
KC's View:
It is a good idea to do delivery ... but my misgivings about Instacart remain intact.