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The Grand Rapids Business Journal reports that SpartanNash has signed what is called the Migrant Legal Aid’s Fair Food Pledge, described as "a pact for fair labor practices for migrant and seasonal farmworkers."

According to the story, "The pledge means SpartanNash will work with Grand Rapids-based Migrant Legal Aid when suppliers show signs of unfair and unsafe work conditions for workers.

"SpartanNash sources from 250 Michigan farms for its 160 stores and 2,100 customers," and "Michigan is the second-most diverse state for agriculture, behind California, with 45 crops harvested by migrant and seasonal workers annually, according to SpartanNash."

Larry Pierce, EVP of Merchandising and Marketing at SpartanNash, said that the company wants its customers "to know that our company is committed to providing them with produce that has been harvested under safe and equitable working conditions."
KC's View:
Beyond the specifics of this pledge, the signing points to the desire by a growing number of consumers to know more about the food they eat and feed their families - how and where it is grown, and what is in it. Not being transparent will increasingly be seen as obfuscation, or irresponsibility.