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The Wall Street Journal has a story about Kimberly-Clark Corp., a company that traditionally offered its workers a virtual lifetime of employment - even the poorest of performers, who were able to "hide in the weeds."

"That’s over," the Journal writes. "One of the company’s goals now is 'managing out dead wood,' aided by performance-management software that helps track and evaluate salaried workers’ progress and quickly expose laggards. Turnover is now about twice as high it was a decade ago, with approximately 10% of U.S. employees leaving annually, voluntarily or not, the company said ... It has been a steep climb for a company that once resisted conflict and fostered a paternalistic culture that inspired devotion from its workers.

"The changes mirror what is happening inside many large companies, where 'performance management' reflects the conviction that a sharpened focus on creating a high-performing workforce is a vital tool to generate revenue and profit."

It is an interesting piece about corporate culture, and you can read it in its entirety here.
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