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Mobile Commerce Daily has a story about the growing influence and impact of mobile, with a new study from Alliance Data saying that "34 percent of consumers leverage devices in-store for product information," 63 percent of millennials claiming "to shop on their phones everyday," and "84 percent of millennials claiming to use their phones for shopping assistance while in a store."

The study suggests that mobile no longer should be considered a disruptive technology, but rather an increasingly mainstream influence on various facets of the shopping experience. It concludes that "shoppers are leveraging a multitude of devices throughout their customer journey to help influence their decisions, and mobile is a key step in the process. Retailers that do not embrace the new customer journey are likely to miss out."
KC's View:
It is extraordinary to me how fast this stuff takes hold. For another project, I was reading about how touch-tone phone technology was first developed in the fifties, and became commercially available in the mid-sixties ... but it wasn't until the eighties that more than half the country used touch-tone phones instead of rotary phones. (Note to younger readers: It used to be that people actually had to dial phones, not press buttons. Google it.)

It took something like three decades for this technology to really take hold ... and look how fast mobile technology has moved from disruptive to mainstream.