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Seeking Alpha reports that Walmart is expanding "its no-price-matching policy to another 300 stores in US. The company started ditching Ad Match program in early June when 500 stores stopped providing price-matching option to customers." Instead, Walmart is engaging in a price rollback program that it hopes will compensate for the change.

While the move "will take Wal-Mart away from its long held status as a price leader," the story says, it also will give the retailer "greater pricing control." The story notes that while Walmart is catching some flack online for moving away from the Ad Match program, the company maintains that it can lower prices more strategically and effectively without it.

Seeking Alpha notes that there have been surveys showing that Aldi can be as much as 30 percent cheaper than Walmart on a similar basket of items, which puts pressure on Walmart to manage expectations about its ability to deliver low prices.
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