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The Nielsen Co. is out with a new consumer confidence survey, saying that despite the "uncertainty and starkly contrasting rhetoric" in what is a highly contentious presidential election season, "Americans remained optimistic in the second quarter with a with a three-point confidence increase to 111." But if Americans are not reacting negatively to the US election debate, "the U.S. was the only country in the global survey to sustain growth momentum in the second quarter; in contrast, the the global consumer confidence index for the same period was flat at 98."

According to the survey, "More than half of the U.S respondents were confident that personal finances (70%), immediate spending intentions (58%) and job prospects (56%) would be good or excellent in the next 12 months—each indicator showed improvement from the first quarter ... Despite concerns over the recent flood of refugees and the ongoing threat of terrorism, Americans listed the economy (34%) as their biggest and second biggest  concern."

However, at the same time, the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) is out with its own survey saying that "despite declining prices at the pump and a prevailing expectation that lower prices will continue, a majority of U.S. fuel consumers remain pessimistic about the overall state of the American economy.

Specifically, "Only 44% of Americans say they are 'very optimistic' or 'somewhat optimistic' about the economy, down 3 points from last month. Economic optimism is also down compared to this time last year, when nearly half (49%) reported feeling optimistic about the state of the economy. Consumers in the Northeast are least optimistic (37%) and consumers ages 18-34 are most optimistic (51%)."
KC's View:
The conclusions seem to be different, but I suppose this could have as much to do with how the questions are posed as anything else. As I consider the national conversation taking place at the moment, it isn't so much that I feel optimistic or pessimistic. It is more like I want to take a shower...