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• The Tampa Bay Times reports that in Florida - as elsewhere - "for the last several years, consumers have increasingly reached for local or regionally produced items. Grocery stores have taken steps to highlight those products, and the small businesses behind them say it has made a big difference."

In some cases, the story says, products at Publix and Winn-Dixie that used to bear private labels are being shifted to an external brand that can be more easily and credibly established as local, which they have found really drives sales, especially among millennials.

This story also picks up on the fact that millennials tend to define "healthy" different than Baby Boomers. We always thought of "healthy" as meaning low fat, low sugar, "diet," and that sort of thing, while millennials define it as local, fresh, and sustainable. That's a big shift...

• The Wall Street Journal reports that Dollar Tree, which "grew to more than 14,000 stores with last year’s $9 billion purchase of Family Dollar, will cut 370 jobs, including 100 vacant positions, as part of its integration efforts. The cuts ... are part of a move toward shared services for back-office functions."
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