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Recode reports that Amazon plans to add 18 new warehouse facilities to its network during the coming quarter as it tries to avoid the problems of last year's holiday season, when it "was overwhelmed by merchants that wanted Amazon to store and ship products on their behalf, so Amazon had to rely on last-minute solutions that were more expensive.

"Amazon says it’s not going to happen again."

CNet reports that Amazon has "added a handful more brands to its Amazon Dash Replenishment program, which involves technology that can teach gadgets to reorder their own supplies directly from Amazon. Devices from AESOP-Works, Behmor, JP Certified, Neato Robotics, Perfect Company, Petcube, simplehuman and SmartThings are now compatible with the Dash Replenishment technology. Also, GE Appliances will expand its number of Dash-supported products."
KC's View:
So let me get this straight.

Walmart seems to be negotiating to buy Jet - an as yet unproven e-commerce business - for $3 billion so it can try to catch up with Amazon.

At the same time, Amazon is opening 18 new warehouses to keep up with expected demand. And expanding its replenishment ecosystem.

Got it. I think I know where I'd be placing my bets on this one.