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• Retail delivery service Instacart said yesterday that it has expanded its service to Dallas, offering consumers the ability to shop online at retailers such as Whole Foods, Central Market, Petco, Total Wine, Kroger and Tom Thumb.

Instacart has been available in Austin and Houston since 2014.

• Salesforce Research is out with a new study called the “2016 Connected Consumer Goods Report," finding that "when researching brands prior to purchase, consumer good purchasers tend to leverage online product reviews, the retailer’s website and the brand’s website. However, during the purchase process, consumers are split on where they get the best experience, finding the best prices at online-only retailers but the best service at brick-and-mortar stores."

The study also says that "generational gaps emerge when comparing how shoppers express their loyalty to brands, with millennials more likely than other generations to complain about a brand publicly (33%), but also more likely to join a loyalty program as well (44%). At the end of the day, consumer goods companies who target millennials through online ads and other social channels based on personal preferences; improve their online experiences to better compete with web retailers through superior search and service; and build strong loyalty programs based on pricing, service and personalization, are more likely to succeed in today’s competitive market."
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