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We had a story the other day about a genetically modified tomato that may last longer, though there is no evidence yet that it will be tastier ... and I said that if it doesn't taste better, what's the point?

Prompting MNB reader Lance Hollis McMillan to write:

Retailers should have what I’m having. Fresh from the garden this morning.
Thanks for tending to the MorningNewsBeat garden.

My pleasure. And I love the image, by the way.

We had a story about two identical restaurants in LA, except that one of them is in a poor neighborhood and features low prices, and what the approach says about convincing people that good food doesn't have to be expensive. One MNB reader responded:

I find it frustrating that many people seem to think that eating healthy is so much more expensive than fast food.  I do the grocery shopping for the family, and surely prices vary by region, but please see example below.

Average McDonalds Value meal: $6 for about a pound of food

Sample meal purchased at my local grocery store: chicken breast - $2 per pound, broccoli - $2 per pound, and potatoes - $1 per pound.

Even when you add in seasonings/butter/extras the average price per pound at the grocery store for a healthy, well rounded meal is about $1.80 per pound vs $6 per pound of food at a fast food chain.  It comes down to being a smart shopper and spending your money wisely.  It also comes down to making the right choice.

And finally, regarding Cal State San Bernardino's announcement that its Board of Trustees has voted to rename its College of Business and Public Administration for Jack H. Brown, executive chairman of Stater Bros. Markets, MNB reader Larry Ishii wrote:

Jack Brown is one of the most amazing people in the grocery industry and the communities that Stater Bros serves. Jack hired me to head up the GM/HBC department in the early 80’s and I immediately realized what a special person he is. I have to smile every time I think of him reaching into his pocket to pull out that box cutter that Billy Burke (or Market Spot) gave Jack when Jack started in the business. He is a pioneer, a great executive and community leader, but most of all just a down to earth good person.
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