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Fast Company has a piece about Hampton Creek, which has a plan "to create a whole range of high-tech, plant-based products that use fewer resources from farm to factory to table, cost less, and are both healthier and tastier than traditional products.

"The company deploys a three-part process: identifying underutilized, low-impact crops (like sorghum, which requires little water); applying computer data to determine if any proteins they contain might be functionally useful in food (the way the yellow pea turned out to be a great emulsifier); and then using advanced cooking techniques (via a dream team of Michelin-starred chefs) to create tasty recipes for packaged products."

While the company is still small, Fast Company suggests that its "deep bench of prominent investors, expansion into an ever-growing array of products, global ambitions, and its strong food-service business" make it a company to watch ... and even be a little nervous about if you are a traditional food business.

You can read the entire story here.
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