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The Chicago Tribune reports that Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer is slowly, selectively testing a new breakfast menu at five of his locations, including Grand Central terminal in New York, Union Station in Washington, DC, and a couple of airports.

The menu reportedly "features Shack’s three breakfast varieties of egg and cheese sandwiches with sausage and bacon options. All three sandwiches consist of cage-free eggs, served with American cheese on a toasted potato bun. The sausage breakfast sandwich is topped with pork sausage and the bacon variety includes all-natural applewood smoked bacon."

Shake Shack hasn't said whether it might roll out the breakfast menu to its other locations, but the Tribune notes that "it may well prove to be a sound business decision as companies vie for the growing desire for fast and tasty breakfast options."
KC's View:
Count me in. My town in Connecticut is scheduled to get a Shake Shack later this year, and it'd be great if they added breakfast to the menu. They make a better burger, so there's no reason to think they won't make a better egg sandwich. Fast food can actually be pretty good when it doesn't aim for the lowest common denominator.