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Internet Retailer reports that Safeway's e-commerce site "led the list of the 10 most popular U.S. shopping websites in June as measured by the average number of pages viewed per visit on desktop, according to web analytics company SimilarWeb, which monthly ranks U.S. e-retailers with the longest visitor time on site through desktop visits, mobile visits and apps."

“Despite the fact that in the recent years, other companies like Amazon (Amazon Fresh) and Walmart entered this niche, Safeway manages to drive the highest engagement when it comes to the online sector,” Pavel Tuchinsky, SimilarWeb’s digital insights manager, tells Internet Retailer, adding that "Safeway also made the mobile engagement top 10 list, placing sixth and 'demonstrating that the mobile experience of their users is on par with the desktop one with an average of almost 10 pages per visit'."
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