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Marketing Daily reports that Target has decided to let members of Generation Z run its annual back-to-school campaign, working with "a 13 year old, a 15 year old and a 17 year old to direct, with seven different children (from 8 to 11) writing scenarios that range from a friendship beginning over a Star Wars lunch box to a pencil sketch of an imaginary world."

“Kids and families are incredibly important to Target, and just as parents recognize the potential in their kids, Target does too,” Target's CMO, Jeff Jones, says. “We were inspired to work even more closely with kids after seeing the difference they made in the development of our new Cat & Jack and Pillowfort lines. Now, we're taking things a step further, allowing kids to put their mark on Target’s community giving and marketing campaign for the back-to-school season."

The story notes that Target is counting on these two lines into billion dollar businesses that will drive greater relevance and profitability.
KC's View:
I love this idea. Hard to pull off, but a great message to send internally and externally ... it establishes a connection that will resonate with shoppers.