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Newsweek reports that while the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has created new rules covering the use of commercial drones, albeit rules that do not empower companies like Amazon and Google to use them for deliveries, it also essentially has created "a legal framework" that will allow anyone who wants to get into the delivery-by-drone business to "work faster to make new rules to accommodate package-delivery drones to fly in American cities as soon as the end of the decade. The attorneys feel confident that the political interest within the FAA and Congress, as well as the lobbying push from Amazon and Google, will make package-delivery drones come sooner than later."

That's not to say there won't be logistical and even legal issues. But Newsweek suggests that the new rules set the stage for a delivery-by-drone revolution, rather than tamping down on the possibilities.
KC's View:
Again, this won't be for everyone, and it won't be for everywhere. But it certainly seems to me that this is a concept that is ripe with possibilities, and I agree (without, I concede, a scintilla of aviation expertise) that it'll happen sooner rather than later.