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MarketWatch reports that PepsiCo plans to "reintroduce the aspartame-sweetened version of Diet Pepsi in U.S. stores in September, its latest attempt to halt plunging diet cola sales. The company said it would continue to sell sucralose-sweetened Diet Pepsi, which it introduced last August to replace the aspartame version. PepsiCo also said it would rename Pepsi Max, a smaller diet cola brand, as Pepsi Zero Sugar in the US."

Pepsi is dealing both with the fact that overall soft drink consumption in the US is declining and that consumers did not seem to like the sucralose-sweetened variety very much.

Sounds awfully confusing, not to mention confusingly awful.

• The Retail Gazette reports that discounter Lidl plans to spend the equivalent of $66.5 million (US) on the Scottish market over the coming year, hiring 300 people to add to its current staff of 180, as well as opening "new concept stores, plus a refurbishment and expansion of 10 out of 91 existing outlets across Scotland."

“Our planned investment over the next 12 months signifies our commitment to Scotland,” says Lidl’s Scottish managing director Ross Millar, adding, “We have also set up a dedicated buying team in Scotland and we are working towards sourcing over 25 per cent of our products from Scottish suppliers.”

Good timing, since a decent percentage of the Scottish government seems hell-bent on declaring its independence from t the UK and hook up with the European Union, figuring that this makes more sense for its economy.
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