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Those of us who grew up in the New York metropolitan area during the 1960s had as part of the soundtrack of our lives the rock 'n roll stylings of the Good Guys on WMCA-AM, which featured disc jockeys such as Jack Spector, Joe O’Brien and Harry Harrison. There also was "Dandy" Dan Daniel, who, if I recall correctly, occupied the evening drive-time slot ... and it is worth pointing out that he passed away earlier this week at age 81, taking with him just a little bit more of our youths.
KC's View:
Dan Daniel was a Texas native, but he lived for the past half-century in Larchmont, NY ... which also happens to be where I grew up. He was a family friend, and I can tell you that he actually was a good guy. I remember, when I was young and pondering career choices, how he talked to me about the magic of radio and how it allowed on-air people to "create word pictures" in a way that other media did not. I think I last saw him about six or seven years ago, at a birthday party for my dad ... and while he was frail, he still had the pipes.