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Tech Crunch reports that Tel-Aviv-based Kwik has designed a new product that it believes that compete effectively with the Amazon Dash buttons that allow people to quite literally purchase everyday products quite literally at the touch of a button.

According to the story, Kwik is "working with Domino’s, Budweiser, Huggies and other brands," and is working with a venture capital group to land $ million in seed financing.

The story says that management believes that "Kwik’s approach, which lets brands choose their delivery and payment partners, will encourage more companies to sign up for Kwik ... The buttons are free for consumers, but Kwik makes money by taking a cut of each transaction. Kwik acts as a liaison between the delivery and fulfillment partners."
KC's View:
This is both inevitable and good for consumers. Amazon still has the advantage because it has sold a million of its Dash buttons and has more control over the entire process. Kwik has more work to do, simply because it has to create connections and relationships, but the impulse is the right one.

Keep in mind ... Amazon's experience is that the Dash buttons creates enormous brand and retailer loyalty. Which is why somebody had to come up with a competitive product.