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• Aldi has announced the launching of a line of meat products that will have no antibiotics, added hormones or steroids, or animal byproducts. According to Food Business News, "The Never Any! collection includes chicken breasts, hickory bacon, whole chicken, chicken breast tenderloins and Italian or spinach feta chicken sausage. Additionally, the discount grocery chain is testing Never Any! breakfast chicken sausage and chipotle or tomato basil chicken sausage in select locations."

• The Tampa Bay Business Journal writes that the rebranding of three Albertsons stores in central Florida as Safeways "is particularly notable for the industry. The new stores ... launched with online shopping and one-hour delivery service, via refrigerated trucks 'with multiple temperature zones, so frozen items stay frozen and vegetables are crispy fresh when delivered'."

The story notes that Safeway is taking an entirely different approach than Publix does. Safeway's "fleet gives the company far more control over grocery quality than if items were delivered by a third-party service," while Publix is outsourcing its deliveries to Shipt, "though Shipt has no formal agreement with the grocer."
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