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MNB yesterday took note of a CNBC story about how Martha Stewart "is teaming up with meal-kit delivery service Marley Spoon to develop recipes and send them along with the pre-measured ingredients, directly to your doorstep."

And I commented:

The cool thing is that every Martha Stewart meal kit comes with a bonus slice of cake with a file baked into it. Just in case.

MNB user William J McCollum thought I crossed the line:

I can’t believe that you would be so crass especially considering the number of Wall Street execs and company officials who have served no time in jail for far worse financial crimes.

And, from another reader:

I don't think a man in her situation would have recd any time in prison!!

First, it was a joke.

Second, I have totally changed my mind about Martha Stewart. When she went to jail, I figured it was deserved. But the number of people who did not go to jail even after far more egregious offenses - like bringing the nation's economy to the brink of collapse - persuades me that you are absolutely right. She shouldn't have gone to jail, and she deserves more than to be made the butt of a cheap joke.

But that doesn't mean I'm sorry I made the joke. I actually thought it was pretty funny.
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