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Brookshire Grocery Co. said yesterday that it is buying 25 former Wal-Mart Express stores in Texas and Louisiana, and will convert them to a new convenience format that it said would "offer hometown convenience in an easy to shop format with a surprising assortment of products at highly competitive prices. "

The 12,000 square foot stores, opened mostly over the past three years, were closed in January.

According to the announcement, Brookshire plans to reopen the locations as Spring Market stores," a name that "represents and honors the company’s great history which began in 1928 with the opening of its first store on Spring Avenue in Tyler, Texas."
KC's View:
Hard to know without seeing the new format, but I suspect that Brookshire, being in better touch with its consumers than perhaps the Walmart Express stores were, can do a better job being market-specific and defining what convenience really means to them. I always thought the Walmart Express stores were a not terribly successful attempt to squeeze 20 pounds of sugar into a five-pound bag. But convenience ultimately is about making choices and editing down ... and that takes real knowledge and actionable data about one's shoppers.