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We had an email the other day from an MNB user who complained about Netflix download times, and who was turning to - you guessed it - Amazon Prime "because Netflix is so frustrating."

MNB reader Will Weller responded:

I thought it was my provider, Cox.  But we did the same as Terry and his family because of the connectivity issues.  I spoke with my son-in-law (a network guy) and he believes it’s not Cox, but Netflix.  I’m glad I’m not just old and cranky – OK, I’m old and cranky but my Netflix still doesn’t work as well as Amazon Prime.

On another subject, the about-to-be-imposed soft drink tax in Philadelphia, an MNB user wrote:

You will be happy to know that I just finished a conversation with a good friend of mine in the Philadelphia area. He just acquired two store locations across the line from the City of Philadelphia. One in Bala Cynwyd and the other in Melrose Park. These two properties will offer discount pricing on soda since it will not be taxed at the rate of the city. He will mark it up .20 to make a higher profit and still be cheaper than Philadelphia. Capitalism at work.

Good for him. I'm a capitalist, and I think that it is heartening when other capitalists figure out how to make a buck. (Of course, I prefer if they do it without exploiting workers and abusing consumers ... but that doesn't sound like it is the issue here.)

Regarding our story about churches using technological aids to help attendees give more easily, one MNB user wrote:

I suspect more than one church has a text code for giving as the church I attended in Wichita, KS has several options for giving that include both on-line and traditional and they are not known for being cutting edge. It is a new generation and as you are fond of saving you either figure it out or get out of the way. While churches aren’t established as businesses, there is the business of church and bills still need to be paid including employee salaries.

And, on another subject, MNB reader Jim Mahern wrote:

Your comment earlier this week - "not that the country isn't going to hell in a hand basket" was surprising to me.

You are usually positive in comments about our country and such things as Amazon, Alexa, Millennials and those businesses like Kroger who continue to adapt and grow even in difficult times. Perhaps we all need to look at America in the words of John Steinbeck in  "America and Americans".

"We have failed sometimes, taken wrong paths, paused for renewal, filled our bellies, and licked our wounds, but we have never slipped back. Never".

We do not need to "make America great again". We just need to continue striving for  "E Pluribus Unum".

I guess I've been watching too much cable news. Not a good thing for the spirit or the soul.

Makes me think that we are in rats’ alley where the dead men lost their bones.
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