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Yesterday, I wrote a bit about Orlando. I'd been in the city over the weekend, and had some thoughts about how and where hate grows. Nothing terribly insightful pr provocative, I thought ... just musings that seemed relevant because I'd been in the city when and where the biggest gun massacre in the nation's history took place.

That's not to say my thoughts didn't provoke some MNB readers.

One MNB user wrote:

The horrible tragedy in Orlando was yet another case of Islamic Jihad.  It had nothing to do with “toxicity in our culture”.  It is their culture - Islamic Jihadists want to kill Americans, Europeans, Christians, Jews, LGBT’s.  They spread their terror upon the West indiscriminately.  No amount of love and tolerance for LGBT’s in America is going to change their mind.   Omar Mateen called 911 in the middle of his shooting rampage to announce his support of ISIS.  Why didn’t President Obama include this fact in his speech?  He couldn’t even include the phrase “Islamic Jihad”, but did use the word “hate” multiple times.  You seem to follow his lead.   
We can’t solve a problem that we remain unwilling to call by its real name.

And from another reader, precisely as written:

Kevin, the shooting happened for one reason and one reason only, ISLAMIC TERROSISM!! Your pride and joy Obama simply refuses to call it what it is and refuses to take the battle to them. If your too stupid to take the battle to them, guess what? they bring the battle to us. I'm watching a new conference right now and Obama still refuses to call it what it is.
This world is full of hate on both sides of the political spectrum but this hatred eventually goes away after years of generations and understanding that cultures change over time. Islamic Terrorists are built on hate, pure and simple. There is no changing their minds or any cultural shift over time.  

I feel sad for the victims and their family as do almost every normal adult. We stop this by dropping political correctness and take a firm stance on anyone showing any type of hatred towards the USA.

Just for the record ... in my original piece, I mentioned neither political party, nor any political candidate. Deliberately.

From MNB reader Genevieve Lee Aronson:

Kevin - I frequently read your posts on Morning News Beat – and wanted to just say that I was moved and touched by your post this morning on the recent Orlando shooting.   Since you were in the area for GMDC, I’m sure it was a scary and different experience than what others experienced (in being a bit more geographically removed, and not in the same city)  – glad you weren’t anywhere near that part of town, though.   That said - I was glad to see that you shared your thoughts, your questions on the world we are creating for our kids and most importantly, your note of gratitude. 

Thank you for sharing.  It was a nice post.

MNB reader Jack Di Salvo wrote:

Been an everyday reader of MNB for several years and I rarely write a comment.  Your statement was so well written and cogent that I had to give you a complement.
Agree.  The answers are not easy, but someone in leadership has to take the first step.

From MNB reader Scott Uguccioni: 

Thank you for your compassion.  As a company that originated here in Central Florida, the Barnie’s team along with the community is remaining strong.  Such a shame when incidents like this occur in general, but when they happen in your own backyard, it’s grounding. 
I hugged my wife and kids too last night.

And from another MNB reader:

Americans citizens, it appears, (largely) have forgotten that the only way we maintain true freedom in our country for ourselves is by respecting others diverse beliefs and honoring and protecting their rights just as stringently as we would our own…because in the end their rights are our rights.

My Dad & I don’t always believe the same things or have the same opinion on political topics but he did instill in me this - The only way Christians will continue to have their freedom of religion is by allowing all other religions to have their right to their own religious beliefs protected. You don’t have to agree with them or agree with what they believe but you have to believe in and support a country where they have the right to believe what they believe.

If Christians are the majority…which they still are…and they decided to make it illegal to practice the Islamic faith..then think ahead…what happens when the Muslim population outnumbers the Christian population? That’s right suddenly Christianity gets outlawed..or maybe denied access to even living here. Sounds like Nazi Germany? That’s why protecting OTHER PEOPLES RIGHTS is just as important as fighting to protect YOUR OWN belief’s…otherwise we are simply rule by majority and that is a fast track to dismantling our own freedom and rights.
This in my opinion is how the founding fathers legislated tolerance…you don’t have to agree with them but you have to allow them to believe what they believe.

On another, less sobering topic, MNB user David Hegle wrote:

I was surprised and delighted to witness your discovery of the Roomba! I genuinely thought robo-vacuums had reached the level of common knowledge.
You might enjoy this Parks & Recreation clip (quintessential silliness from a favorite show):
They actually do a good job fully explaining a Roomba for people who might not be familiar (way back in 2010!)

I guess I need to do more vacuuming...
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