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The Chicago Sun Times reports that McDonald's Corp. has signed a lease that will move the company out of its longtime Oak Brook, Illinois, headquarters, and into downtown Chicago, 18 miles to the east.

The new headquarters will be in the complex that formerly housed Oprah Winfrey's television studio and HARPO production company.

In a statement, McDonald's said that the move from the suburbs to the city will allow it to create a space that is "a modern setting that fosters collaboration and connectivity.”

McDonald's actually was headquartered in Chicago from 1955 to 1971, at which point it moved to the suburbs.

The company said that the move will be concluded by the spring of 2018, and will include its Hamburger University operations.
KC's View:
If the McDonald's folks think they are going to find the keys to new cars under the chairs at the HARPO studios, they're going to be disappointed.