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by Kevin Coupe

We talk a lot here on MNB about the importance of being able to tell a story - that businesses can derive much credibility and yes, even profitability, when they can tell a compelling story about their products and services in a way that rings relevant and true to shoppers.

That's a mouthful. But not nearly as big a mouthful as trying to explain the problem of predatory debt collection, which sounds complicated, full of arcane details and not very funny.

However, in the hands of John Oliver and his "Last Week Tonight" writers and producers, a look at predatory debt collection in the US turned into a gloriously crazy, very funny, occasionally profane, and ultimately enormously entertaining piece of television. That's what happened on Oliver's HBO show the other night, and I'm happy to share it with you.

As always, a warning - the language can be a little rough, so be careful if you are in a cubicle or at home with kids nearby.

This segment doesn't have much to do with retailing and business and food ... but I'm perfectly happy coloring outside the lines from time to time.

And Oliver's take absolutely is an Eye-Opener.

KC's View: