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Engadget has a story about how Target is "opening a 'connected living experience' in a suburban Minneapolis store," taking the concept beyond the test concept that it was using in a San Francisco store.

According to the story, "The Minneapolis setup won't be as elaborate as Open House in San Francisco with its touchscreen tables. Instead it will have large displays above the products that explain how a gadget interacts with other devices. Target will also make sure the staff is up to speed ... The Ridgedale store will be the first in what could be a major change to how the retail chain sells electronics. Like Google, Apple and Amazon, Target sees the connected home as one the next big things in tech. But the company has found that its shoppers are confused not only about how these devices work together, but where they're actually kept in the store. Would a smart thermostat be in the electronics or home section?

"Putting all the devices together in one spot and creating scenarios that emphasize how a smart light and a connected garage work together not only highlights what's possible, it helps sell stuff."

Target is said to be planning connected living experience' for stores in Cupertino, California, and Tribeca in New York City.
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