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The Boston Globe reports that America's Food Basket, a grocery store in Mattapan, Massachusetts, has had to stop providing to its customers a unique and differentiated service - the willingness to butcher just-killed animals.

“Some customers don’t have access to getting their meat cut up when it comes to things like a full turkey or fish,” says owner Austin Morda. “But as of Saturday, that has stopped.”

According to the story, the grocer came under pressure when a video emerged of a customer taking a dead goat out of his truck, putting it into a shopping cart, and wheeling it into the store, where he asked for it to be butchered for a private party.

That video came to the attention of local government officials, who say that the store is not zoned for the butchering of animals. While they have called for a hearing, they also say that Morda is unlikely to be fined as long as the service has been stopped.
KC's View:
I kind of feel bad for this retailer ... but on the other hand, I can only imagine the looks on the faces of other customers in the store as the dead goat got wheeled by them. It probably would make me think twice about ever using one of those shopping carts again.

On the other hand ... it certainly suggests a possible niche business opportunity in certain markets. Though maybe customers with dead animals should use the back door...