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The Los Angeles Times has a piece by self-described "Middle-Class White Millennial" Devon Maloney, who says that he was drawn to shop at Whole Foods new "365" format store there because "our food needs are as unique as we are, and it’s pretty absurd that, until now, we’ve been forced to stock our refrigerators in stores designed for old people." (I think it is fair to say that Maloney writes with tongue firmly in cheek.)

"365 is not just about appealing to millennials through our wallets," Maloney writes. "It’s about capturing our hearts, too, by revolutionizing the food-buying experience...somehow? Anyway, this flashy gimmick certainly isn’t here to profit from an already-gentrified, upwardly mobile yuppie community and help drive up rent prices for low-income immigrant families who have been here for decades!"

Good piece ....and you can read it here.
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