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Fortune reports that Walmart plans to bring back the smiley-face symbol that used be ubiquitous in its advertising about low prices. ".First introduced as a sticker by Walmart in 1990," the story says, "the Smiley face was once meant to signify price cuts, or 'rollbacks' in Walmart-speak. The revived incarnation is now intended to represent any low prices at the retailer."

• Walmart this week said it will host 200 training academies around the country, designed to offer employees a two-week course that will raise their customer service skill levels. The academies are scheduled to begin operating next June.

• The Wall Street Journal has a story about how Walmart-owned Asda in the UK continues to lose market share, apparently because the company "has been prioritizing profit over sales. Asda has talked about cutting prices, but this seems more marketing than actual strategy." As a result, Asda hasn't just lost market share to the likes of discounters Aldi and Lidl, but even dropped from second place to third place in terms of total UK market share.
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