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• The Chicago Tribune reports that the US Department of Justice is close to approving a $107 billion acquisition by Anheuser-Busch InBev of SABMiller, which would complete "the industry's biggest merger ever and redraw control of the global beer market." An approval would be contingent on the combined company accepting certain limits, including restrictions on how many distributorships it could own, which is seen as a way of protecting smaller companies and craft brewers.

I admit that I don't get it. The DOJ opposes a merger of Staples and Office Depot, two troubled companies that appear to be getting weaker by the day, and it supports the merger of two enormous beer companies that will only make them stronger? Clearly, this approach is specifically designed to prove to me how little I know and understand about antitrust law.

• German discounter Aldi announced this week the introduction of "its first full line of baby products, Little Journey, is set to hit all stores in August. From newborn diapers to training pants, cleansing wipes to gentle baby wash, formula to organic pouches, Little Journey will feature nearly 50 high-quality, affordably priced everyday essentials parents and little ones need."
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