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The Boston Globe reports that the warring Demoulas cousins are at it again, with a new lawsuit having been filed by the side that lost the battle in 2014 when employees and customers sided with the other side of the family.

According to the Globe, "Arthur S. Demoulas, a former shareholder and board member at Demoulas Super Markets, Inc., sold his stake in the company in 2014. But both he and his sister-in-law Rafaela Evans now claim in a civil suit in Suffolk County Superior Court that they have been blocked from any involvement in an audit of the supermarket chain by the Internal Revenue Service and demand to be included.

"The audit’s outcome could potentially affect the pair because, as former shareholders, they say they were responsible for paying taxes on the company’s stock."

The company, now controlled by Arthur T. Demoulas, responded by calling the suit "ridiculous," saying that the audit only recently was announced, that the audit is being managed by an accounting firm hired when Arthur S. Demoulas was running the company, and that the other side of the family will be included in the process when it is appropriate.
KC's View:
This was an interesting story for a while, but I have to admit I am growing tired of the Demoulas family. I'm beginning to think that they're going to end up on The History Channel in a miniseries starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. (Actually, I might want to watch that...)