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Investor Place reports that Walmart "is removing its ad-matching policy in hundreds of stores around the U.S." While the policy is being discontinued in about 500 stores, it will remain in place in the rest of the company's fleet.

The story says that "the stores are replacing ad-matching with lower prices for a number of products throughout the store.

"Additionally, the company is launching a new policy called Savings Catcher that allows you to get a reduced price on some products in the store in a similar manner to its previous policy. The difference in price will not be returned to the customer in cash. Instead, the difference goes towards your Walmart Rewards eGift Card."
KC's View:
Just yesterday we had a story about how Amazon was adjusting its price-matching policy on many products. This may raise some short-term hackles, but I suspect it is inevitable because of all the tech tools available to allow customers to price-match. For a retailer to keep up may simply be impossible ... especially in a world where anyone can post any price online in order to create havoc for competitors.