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The Washington Post reports that McDonald's "has ended a controversial practice of giving nutrition advice to students in schools, pulling back on a program that critics said was a subtle form of fast-food marketing that could imperil kids’ health and understanding of nutrition."

The fast feeder had hired John Cisna - a formerly 280-pound Iowa teacher who ate McDonald's for 540 straight meals, got regular exercise, and lost 56 pounds - as a "brand ambassador."

According to the Post, "McDonald’s had said the program, carried out by local franchises, was intended only to educate students about nutrition and good habits at a time when fast food is a key part of many diets. But critics, including some parents and health experts, complained that it sent a confusing message that left kids thinking that burgers and fries could be a regular part of a healthy diet."

McDonald's said in a prepared statement that Cisna now is "focused on internal and local community events, and he is not appearing at schools.”
KC's View:
The idea that McDonald's was offering nutrition advice to anyone is a joke. The fact that schools were letting them do so, to kids they are responsible for educating, is malpractice.

That said, I've never been surprised that Cisna was able to lose 56 pounds after eating McDonald's for 540 straight meals. Eat that much of anything - but especially McDonald's - and you're gonna spend a lot of time throwing up.