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The Democrat & Chronicle reports that Wegmans is getting into the digital coupon business, telling its Shoppers Club members via email that it will begin making them available "later this year."

According to the story, "Wegmans will pilot Wegmans Shoppers Club digital coupons in its Rochester-area and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, stores beginning in June, with a date to be determined, said spokeswoman Jo Natale," who said that the introduction is a result of customer demand.

The Democrat & Chronicle says that "Wegmans has designed the program so it’s easy to use, and shoppers won’t need a smart phone to take advantage of the coupons. Customers may use either a desktop computer or a mobile device to clip digital coupons directly to their Shoppers Club account, Natale said, adding that digital coupons will not replace Shoppers Club discounts."
KC's View:
Inevitable, I think ... since eventually we're going to see the death of paper coupons. Not anytime soon, but eventually ... and every retailer has to get with the digital program so that it is relevant to the next generation of consumers.