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The Seattle Times reports that Amazon has added a new capability to its family of Alexa-enabled voice-powered digital assistants - the ability to track packages ordered from Amazon.

According to the story, "Shoppers now just need to 'ask Alexa when your package will arrive,' 'where’s my stuff,' or 'track my package,' and Alexa will respond."

The Times writes that "Alexa has been a remarkably successful experiment for Amazon. It’s becoming a big hub for home automation, and the latest skill added by Amazon enhances its usefulness as a shopping concierge."

There have been estimates that Amazon has sold more than three million Echo units, and it recently added new, similarly enabled gadgets - the Tap and the Dot - to the ecosystem.
KC's View:
Wow. This just seems so cool. Can't wait to test it, and see yet another fascinating addition to the Amazon ecosystem.