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We report on a lot of studies here on MNB, but try to be conscious of the fact that for every study's results, there often is another study to contradict them.

Sometimes it can be confusing.

It seems to go without saying that some studies are more reliable than others, and that some scientists are not bought-and-paid-for. But let's be honest - one has to be careful not to only accept the findings of studies that reflect stuff we already believed, and it can be hard for people without scientific backgrounds to separate fact from fiction. Or what probably is fact from what almost certainly is fiction.

And so it was a great pleasure on Sunday to watch John Oliver, on HBO's "Last Week Tonight," to train his highly skeptical eye and finely honed sense of humor on the subject of scientific studies (many of them having to do with food and drink, as it happens). Which we're linking to here.

Now, as usual with "Last Week Tonight," a warning. The language can be pretty salty and the attitude provocative. You probably want to use headphones if you are in a cubicle, or at home if there are kids nearby.

It is good stuff. And, as usual with John Oliver, an Eye-Opener.

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