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by Kevin Coupe

The Seattle Times has a story that is Eye-Opening without being entirely surprising, saying that of the 30 highest revenue companies in the US, Amazon is the one mentioned the most in other companies' conference calls with analysts as offering opportunities or being a threat, with CEOs often citing Amazon as the reason their companies are doing well. Or not.

According to an analysis, Amazon was mentioned in 92 different conference calls during the two weeks ending May 4, compared, for example to 43 mentions of Walmart, 33 mentions of Ford, and 14 mentions of General Electric.

Just behind Amazon was Apple, mentioned 79 times.

The only company mentioned more than Amazon, the Times writes, was Google - and Google does not reside in the top-30-revenue-generating list.

The lesson, the Times writes, is that "tech is becoming such a critical part of day-to-day life that its corporate titans are seen by almost everybody as partners, rivals or examples worthy of emulation - sometimes all three.
For no company is that truer than for Amazon, which has its fingers in seemingly every pie, from cloud computing to retail, from entertainment to logistics and transportation.

And even Warren Buffett, has said that what Amazon has "accomplished in a fairly short period of time and continued to accomplish is remarkable," pointing specifically to "the number of satisfied customers they have developed."

Like I said. Eye-Opening, without being entirely surprising.
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