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Kmart yesterday announced that it has begun offering a lifetime guarantee on plants, which it says is "designed to allow customers the opportunity to purchase select trees, shrubs and perennial plants with confidence that they will last a lifetime – literally! Kmart is the first national retailer to devote a lifetime guarantee on plants, perfect for those looking to keep a well-maintained yard for years to come."

The announcement goes on: "Qualifying plants at a Kmart lawn and garden center can be identified with a 'Plants for Life, Guaranteed' tag and will automatically come with a lifetime guarantee upon purchase of the plant. For novice or even the most seasoned gardeners, keeping a plant thriving can prove challenging, so if any eligible plant dies, simply return it to a local Kmart store, along with the original receipt, and Kmart will replace it for free."
KC's View:
This just feels like Kmart is willing to do almost anything to get people into the store. I will say that I alone would cost Kmart a ton of money ... because a plant does not exist that I'm not capable of killing. Whatever the opposite of a green thumb is, I have it ... and I'd be an utter nightmare for Kmart.